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We look forward to bringing our 30 years of experience, expertise, and connections to help your school meet its mission to its fullest. We specialize in admissions, financial aid, hiring and retention – all through the diversity, equity, and inclusion lens.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: With our partner Reframe, we’ve modernized the practice of diversity, equity and inclusion using a change approach that helps accelerate inclusive change and growth at sale. We work with schools to increase their level of cultural maturity amongst staff, families and students. Our goal is to drive scalable and sustainable change that reflects the future of education. To learn more and get started, take our free Reframe Cultural Maturity Assessment:

Admissions: We each have led real change in schools through the admissions process. See your community grow while aligning clearly with your school’s mission. Through outreach, marketing, philosophy, policy and process, together we will solidify your admission funnel and build the sustainable community every school deserves.

Financial Aid: Nationwide, schools wonder how to create a financial aid process that attracts, yields and retains genuine socioeconomic diversity. Understanding the needs of the schools and the families, together, we will streamline this process to impact real growth in your financial aid program.